J.A. Fallman Bucksaw - Hickory

Starting at $80.oo

Often the Canoeist, whilst undertaking the day to day operations of life, finds himself quite suddenly deep in the woods, without a sustainable heat source or a pile of finely chopped lumber.  Luckily he is a Canoeist. And he has matches and a bucksaw handy to save the day. This is that bucksaw.

Packing to Approx. 24″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″ in a sturdy canvas roll-up, it slides great into the side pocket of your trusty Duluth Pack. Perfect for your next canoe trip.

Wood Type: Hickory
Blade Length: 24″
Cutting Clearance: 6.5"

Our canvas roll-up, with reinforced blade pocket, is included with every bucksaw. We employ heavy duty steel post pins, 550 Paracord and durable hardwood’s on every J.A. Fällman bucksaw to ensure long lasting dependability.