By: Sanborn Team •
6 Guys
4 Canoes
   -Solo We-no-nah Prism - kevlar - 16.5' long - 35lbs.
   -Solo Hornbeck - kevlar and carbon - 14' long - 25lbs.
   -Tandem Sanborn Cedar-Strip - 16.5' long - 52lbs.
   -Tandem Alumacraft - 17' long - 55lbs.
10 Paddles 
   -8 Sanborn Paddles (A few new designs for testing)
   -2 other double bladed paddles for the solo's
8 Packs (6 Individual packs plus 2 food/kitchen packs)
   -Food: Rice, noodles, fish(caught on trip), bags of mashed potatoes, soft shell tacos(chicken, beef, veggie-mix, refried beans), bacon, sausage, flat-bread buns, cheese slices, pancakes, coffee, hot chocolate/hot cider mix, lunch snacks
   -Kitchen: Cast-aluminum skillet, three small pots, coffee pot, two single burner stoves, utensils, fry pan) 
1 Pelican Camera Case
3 Tents
3 Hammocks
Fishing Tackle & Poles
6 Life jackets
2 Folding chairs
1 camp stool
1 Hanging water filter
1 Sawyer squeeze water filter
1 Sanborn Bucksaw
1 Gransfors Woodsmen Hatchet


Sanborn Gear used on trip:
Paddles(Gunflints, various new ultra-lightweight designs to test out)
Foldable Hickory Bucksaw
Enamel Mugs
Enamel Plates
Knit Watchcaps
Long sleeve thermal logo shirts
Roll-up canoe tray(for testing)
Sanborn Camp Quilt (Made by Enlightened Equipment)
Cedar-Strip Canoe
Sanborn Firestarters
Leather Suspenders
Leather Camera Strap
Other things we carry: Mercator Black Cat Knife, Marbles Match Safe, ACME Thunderer Whistle, Poler Rolltop pack, Expedition Field Notes notebook, Wharncliffe Knife,