I spend my time exploring and seeking out every place there is to see on Vancouver Island. I'm a carpenter by trade but manage to balance that out with being a outdoor lifestyle photographer as well. I couldn't ask for a better place to live, the landscape, wildlife and people constantly inspire me and can only hope the photographs I take inspire others as well.

Where do you hail from: Born and raised on Vancouver Island, BC and happy to call Ucluelet home.
How do you spend your days? I'm a full time carpenter building custom homes on the west coast and when I'm not doing that I'm in the woods, on the lake or out at sea.
Favorite pastime: Camping for sure. Wether it be hiking, canoeing, biking or boating to get there, I just love to pack up and get outdoors.
Best Canoe/Camp story: There's a remote beach I've been to a couple times that you either have to hike a good distance to get into or you can paddle down the rive to the ocean. It's an amazing trip, paddling down stream surrounded by old growth forest with surfboards in tow and ending up on a beach in the middle of nowhere. Anyone that's there (if any) has put the effort in to get there so they're usually good folks. There's surf, wildlife and the fishing is unreal, the place is a paradise and I'm always dying to go back.
Where are your go to canoe/camping spots: There's few things better than being out nature, I think it really allows you to learn a lot about yourself and gain a respect for your surroundings. Camping and canoeing go hand in hand for me and give me the opportunity to enjoy what nature has to offer.
What's the one thing you can't leave home when heading out on a trip: I'd be hard pressed to leave my camera behind if I'm setting out for a trip. crib board and coffee are must haves too.
What goes in your camp mug: coffee in the morning, whiskey at night
Bucket list. What's on it: Norway, Greenland, Alaska
Never have I ever: broke a canoe paddle
If there was a movie about your life, what songs would you want on the soundtrack? ohhh I don't know if I can do a whole soundtrack but the ender would be Gregory Alan Isakov- 3am
If you chase fish, which ones: Salmon and steelhead
"A River Runs Through It" movie or book: Book, i'm a sucker for letting my imagination run wild.
Favourite sanborn paddle: Gunflint is my go to
Favourite card game: Cribbage, almost every trip I've ever gone on there's been a board in my bag.
Favourite camp food: If we're talking meal prep then soup/stew/chili with good bread. Quick and dirty day hike then Babybels and crackers, jerky and an apple.
Land or water: Being that I live at the end of the road, on a peninsula, on an island; water surrounds me.
IPA or stout: Stout
Gin or whiskey: I do love gin, but good whiskey always wins
IPA or stout: Stout
Vanilla or chocolate: Chocolate always
IPA or stout: Stout
Scrambled or over-easy: Over easy with Valentina's hot sauce.
Halibut or narwal: Narwals are unicorns of the sea! don't mess with them. I'll get down with halibut fish tacos though.