I’m an American expat living in Europe, a globe-trotting adventurer, and can be found in the mountains or on the water whenever not in the office. My favorite places in the world are high alpine lakes up in the Dolomites in Italy and in Patagonian Chile and Argentina.

Where do you hail from? Having spent much of my childhood in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, it was not uncommon to find me and my brother catching frogs in the local pond, or hiking up a mountain. Being in nature from a young age forever instilled in me the desire to chase adventure. More recently, I’ve lived in San Francisco, and now as an ex-pat out in Europe!
How do you spend your days? I’m a big proponent in getting outside, learning, and self-improving every single day. Just because many of us are tied to our desks for a portion of the week doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of hours left in the day for wonder and the pursuit of happy as well. I always make the time.
Best canoe/camping trip story? My favorite camping opportunities are those where you can make your own adventure. Dispersed camping is awesome and I highly recommend it – why stick to a well-trodden campground (when legal, of course)? My best adventures tend to happen when I wander off the beaten path.
Where are your go-to canoeing/camping spots? While I used to spend most of my time gallivanting around the U.S. national parks, I’ve expanded my horizons by living in Europe currently. Any time I can drop a canoe or a tent down at the base of the mountains, I know it’s going to be a good time. Latest favorites: Swiss Alps, Italian Dolomites, Slovenian Alps.
Why canoeing/outdoors/camping? I’m a busy technology executive by day, and so I relish in the opportunity to escape and feel a part of something bigger than myself. Water, mountains, the outdoors all offer exactly that.
What's the one thing you can't leave at home when heading out on a trip? A rain jacket. You never know when storms are headed your way!
What's the one thing you can't leave at home when heading out on a trip? A rain jacket. You never know when storms are headed your way!
What goes in your camp mug? Lately: mint tea and a heaping spoon of honey. And occasionally a cheeky glass of red wine.
"A River Runs Through It" - Movie or Book? Always the book.
Favorite Sanborn paddle My classic Scout paddle never gets old and looks great on my wall when not being put to work!
Favorite National Park. Grand Teton National Park. Mountains and rivers, what more could you ask for?
Favorite card game. Kings in the Corner.
Favorite campfire food. Campfire nachos. Add chili beans, chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, fresh cheese and some zesty jalapenos and you have a winning combo. They never ever disappoint.
IPA or Stout? Each has its place – but there’s nothing like a classic stout. And my go-to favorite is always a chilly pint of Guinness.
Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate.
Scrambled or Over-easy? Over-easy, over avocado toast!