Hi! Thanks so much for your interest in the Sanborn Scout Field Log. We’d love to have you contribute!  Here are the basics for the Scout program:



Our goal with the Sanborn Scout Field Log is to build community and to equip folks with knowledge and a bit of inspiration for their next adventure!

We like to let Scouts connect a bit organically. So starting with a guest post and seeing how/where it goes from there…

What are we looking for in a post:

We’re looking for stories that will inspire folks to get outside and find adventure. This can be anything from a trip report from your most recent backpacking trip with a story and a photos or a photojournal of climbing Mt. McKinley or a how-to about gear maintenance or an essay about getting outside – Pitch us your idea! 

How-to on knife maintenace and sharpening.
Trip report of a canoe trip in the Canadian wilderness.
Day-hike trip along the coast in Washington State.
A road trip hitting a bunch of National Parks along the way.
How-to on canoe paddle strokes.
How-to start a fire.
Essay on the best ways to get outside more often.
Weekend adventure down the river by kayak.

How to get started:

Do you have a great idea for a Scout post or would like to contribute but want a little direction before you start out? The first step is to shoot me an email – zak@sanborncanoe.com  We’ll connect about the basics of submitting a post and and any other questions you may have.


Connect – zak@sanborncanoe.com