Our goal with the Sanborn Scout is to build community and to equip folks with knowledge and a bit of inspiration for their next adventure.

What is the Scout Log and who can contribute?

The Scout Log is a collection of stories that inspires others to get outside and find adventure. Anyone with a good story to tell, can contribute to the Scout Log. Typically things like a trip report, photojournal, how-to guide, or recipe collection make great posts.  There are a few requirements for our Scout Log posts; so for more information feel free to email us at for more details. We’re open to anything; so pitch us your idea!

What are some examples?
  • How-to on knife maintenance and sharpening.
  • Trip report of a canoe trip in the wilderness.
  • Day-hike trip along the coast.
  • A road trip hitting a bunch of National Parks along the way.
  • How-to on canoe paddle strokes.
  • Essay on the best ways to get outside more often.
  • How-to start a fire.
  • Weekend adventure down the river by kayak.
  • A collection of favorite campfire recipes.
  • Journal entry of when you took a friend camping for the first time.
        Who are the official Sanborn Scouts?

        A Sanborn Scout has a passion for the outdoors, excellent photography skills and a knack for storytelling. We like to connect with Scouts naturally, so we start with a guest post on the Scout Log and go from there. After a few contributions, we may contact you about become an official Sanborn Scout to receive a featured profile on our Scouts page.

        How to get started?

        Do you have a great idea for a Scout Log post or would like to contribute but want a little direction before you start out? The first step is to shoot us an email at with your name, your Scout Log idea, and a link to an example of your work (website, blog, Instagram, etc.). We’ll connect about the basics of submitting a post and and answer any other questions you may have.