Sanborn Canoe Co. presents the first annual "Big Month". A month-long birding competition for the non-birder and birder alike. Fashioned after the informal "Big Year" competition amongst birders, where folks set out to "see" or "hear" as many bird species as possible in a year, our competition is paired down to a month, and has no geographical boundaries. So dust off your Kaufman Field Guide, oil the leather straps on your binoculars and hit the trail.
We will have weekly check-ins on facebook/instagram/twitter to see how everyone is doing. So if you're participating please let us know how it's going. 
Mission: "See" or "hear" as many different bird species as you can. Keep a log of how many and which bird species you have recorded.  
Duration: The inaugural "Big Month" will consist of the month of September, 2013.
Identification: Each bird species may be identified by either sight or, for you more advanced birders out there, by hearing their call.
Judging: As with the Big Year competition, each participant keeps track of the number of species they see or hear on their own. Adhere to the honor-code for fairness and respectability. 
Winner: The winner will be the person who records the most number of bird species. There is no prize that comes with winning, as per other birding competitions, but the winner will be commemorated in the Sanborn record books. 
Participating: Each participant will receive a commemorative "Big Month" embroidered patch. To receive the patch you must do-your-best in the competition(no slackers here), and enter your name/email/shipping address below. Patches will be shipped out at the conclusion of the competition.