HOW TO USE A SLEEPING QUILT: Just slip your feet into the footbox and lay the full quilt on yourself letting it hang over your sides. So, yeah, it's used just like that sweet heirloom quilt Grandma made for you.

ISN'T THAT JUST A SLEEPING BAG? The biggest difference from a sleeping bag is that the zipper only comes up 18" from the foot of the quilt. This helps save weight and allows the quilt to be stuffed significantly smaller than a traditional sleeping bag.

I'LL GET COLD BECAUSE I CAN'T ZIP IT ALL THE WAY UP! Don't worry, you'll stay warm. It's all due to the fact that when you sleep in a traditional sleeping bag, the insulation that you are laying on top of is being compressed, and not living up to it's billing to keep you warm. So instead of having this extra insulation a sleeping quilt is meant to lay over the top of your body, utilizing the insulation more efficiently. This saves weight and bulk in your pack without sacrificing warmth.



SHIFTLESS BAFFLE SYSTEM – Enlightened Equipment's unique baffles eliminate down shift keeping the down positioned where you need it. SHIFTLESS baffles do not require overstuffing to perform as desired but we still add 5% to account for loss of loft between washings. The baffles over the torso are closed off keeping that down positioned over the sleeper all night despite any movement underneath. The side baffles connect to the footbox allowing down to be moved out of the very edge of the quilt which is tucked under you into the foot to increase foot warmth if desired.

ADJUSTABLE NECK CLOSURE – A snap secures the quilt around you and the center draw cord is easily adjusted by pulling it inside the quilt. This closure can be opened when the sleeper gets warm and closed tight when needed to seal out drafts.

REMOVABLE UNDER-STRAP SYSTEM – Elastic webbing and flat buckles secure the quilt around you and your pad or easily un-clip to leave at home. One below the shoulder and a second mid back.

ADDITIONAL PAD-ATTACHMENT STRAPS– Comes with removable webbing straps that secure the quilt on top of any sleeping pad. (used in place of the elastic straps)