Scout: Rebeccah Newcombe

“The Bonnechere River” – A Fall weekend spent in the trees.


In the middle of Ontario somewhere between Barry’s Bay and Pembroke, 12 friends and I met up at a hunt camp to be together. Deep in a maze of snowmobile trails and logging roads, the white cabin sits at the waters edge, amongst the pines. An island straight ahead, a long interesting lake to the left and the river to the right.


A beautiful hand built cedar strip canoe hosted live book readings and chartered quiet lake tours, while a single shotgun and a box of clay pigeons provided loud cracks and complimentary cheers. It is said there is bass to catch but many a fishing line was cast, and not a fish came in from the lake. Big family meals of hash, baked beans, sausages, pancakes and fresh bread completed the stay. Only a handful of vehicles rolled by during the two days, and not one boat. The quietness (interrupted occasionally by the generator) was felt.


It was a weekend well spent, at the mouth of the Bonnechere River.