By: Lauren Campbell •

The thing everyone said about moving to New Orleans was: “make sure you get your nature in before you get here, there isn’t much to do outdoors.”

Southern Louisiana isn’t a place people typically think of when it comes to amazing outdoors trips, but the Gulf Coast has quite a few beautiful places for fun geological exploration.

Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge is the largest urban National Wildlife Refuge in America. There are acres upon acres of lagoons, marshes, hardwood forests, fresh water ponds and canals to explore.

I spent most of my time near Blind Lagoon and saw a variety of wildlife, including a few endangered birds and an alligator speeding across the road near the marshes. The area is also home to a small group of people who live in traditional bayou style, stilted homes, which are always fun to look at.

One of the best things about the area is that it’s located within the city limits, so it’s very accessible and makes for good day trips.