I grew up in Acadia National Park, and with the outdoors and conservation in my soul. My folks are biologists for the NP, so we always were out working with cool critters and having random animals at our house! I’m a photographer, and I’ve been lucky to travel across the map capturing the people and places we love. I have a pup, Fern, and she’s the best part of my life. We love adventures & early mornings.

Where do you hail from? I grew up in Acadia National Park, in Maine! My folks are biologists for the national park!
How do you spend your days? I run my own company, Erin Wheat Co.! I'm a photographer and work with a variety of realms. I'm usually working, in the garden, or with my pup Fern.
What's the one thing you can't leave at home when heading out on a trip? Definitely camera gear, and a tripod, especially if I'm on my own! I love having a battery pack on hand as well so that I have an option of checking in if I run out of phone power! And Fern, my dog. If it's possible to bring her, I always will.
What goes in your camp mug? I always seem to go back and forth with coffee and tea! Depends on the day!
Never have I ever... Gone fly-fishing. It's killing me... so hit a gal up! ;)
If you chase fish, which ones? I've always been someone that opts to avoid comparing books and movies, and inevitably I think they usually will be different... and if they surprise you, it's only a good thing! So, I'd have to say I love both.
Favorite Provincial/National Park? Grand Teton will probably always and forever have a piece of my heart. I'm also wildly in love with Alaska, and of course, my home, Acadia NP. Honestly though, there's a reason they're all National Parks... because they're all incredible!
Favorite campfire food? Well, anyone that goes deluxe while camping has my heart. If it's not a "clamping" style meal, I'm always down for rice and beans. A little taco seasoning and Sriracha, an avocado, and you're golden. Never gets old for me!
Scrambled or over-easy? Scrambled- so many options.