Erin Wheat

Where do you hail from? I’m the "ultimate national park brat” as everyone likes to joke. My folks are the head biologists at Acadia National Park, so I grew up on the island in Maine where the park is. That said, I’ve done my time in a lot of parks they worked at, and others they didn’t. I guess its in my genetics. :) 
Solo or Tandem? Definitely something to be said for the peace of time alone, especially on the water. Tandem makes memories, and i like to have the people im close to be stoked to go on a canoe trip, so if we’re tandem, i like them already. 
What's the one thing you can't leave at home when heading out on a trip? I LOVE coffee, and tea. make me a cup, or bring me expresso and you’ve got my heart. I’m also pretty bonded with my pup, Fern, so she often is co-pilot wherever we go. (and my camera… key part of being a photographer…) 
What goes in your coffee? I go through phases in coffee. For a while black, then ill go for a little flavor add, and admittedly I have a special place for all things pumpkin, so fall pumpkin mocha, expresso, or just coffee straight up is pretty swell in my book. 
If you chase fish, which ones? I haven’t chased many fish, but I’ll happily chase someone who does because I’d love to get into that. (I LOVE SALMON.) 
IPA or Stout? IPA! 
Wood, plastic, Kevlar or Aluminum? Well, all things wooden have me sold, so I guess aesthetically, I lean that way.