SCOUT: Graeme Owsianski
Where do you hail from? Vancouver Island, British Columbia 
Where are your go-to canoeing spots? Kennedy Lake, it's practically out my backdoor and hands down my favourite lake. Schoen Lake is up there too. 
Solo or Tandem? Tandem
Why Canoeing? Nothing beats gliding around on a mirror like lake. 
What's the one thing you can't leave at home when heading out on a trip? Coffee
If you chase fish, which ones? Steelhead
IPA or Stout? Stout
Wood, plastic, Kevlar or Aluminum? Wood. I did just get an Aluminum as well for a work boat. 
Best canoe trip story? Hitting the lake last year with a good friend of mine, cliff diving in some thick fog at five in the morning and then paddling to the end of the lake. We hiked up the non-existent trail beside the river towards another lake. It was rumored that there was a canoe stashed in the bushes along the way which turned out to be true. We paddled the other lake and explored the area, returned the canoe and hiked back to the first lake only to be greeted by a serious head wind. Four hours of straight paddling and we made it back to camp. Long day but so worth it.