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'There’s something about the way a fire draws out the conversation, holding the party together long after the cool of dusk starts to settle and the impending darkness closes in like a heavy cloak. Then there’s the chocolate, passed around as if it’s a newborn, everyone craving the sweet warmth of it’s taste. We huddled around til the fire burnt down, the embers faintly glowing, sending us to bed with warmth in our bones.'*

'This sunrise was dramatic, and it was rare. A thousand hues of purple, pink, orange and yellow lit up the sky over a backdrop of blue, and every single one of those colours reflected on the ice beneath our feet. We were statues, we were air currents. We were standing in the sky, frozen amidst ever-changing clouds and the silent movement of the earth towards a new season and the dawn of another day.'**

Too often, we become stuck in our present routine and bored the mundane moments of everyday life. This leaves us craving - fresh air, nature, an adventure. The Scout Log is a collection of stories meant to inspire folks to get outside and scout out new experiences. It is a place to learn new things, to share what you know and a gathering of ongoing adventures.


*#88 New Zealand: Uncharted by Liv van Leeuwen ** #89 QEII Wildlands by Jonathon Reed


#ScoutForth is our hashtag and call to join in the adventure and be a part of the Sanborn community. Use #ScoutForth to tag your adventures and share your story with others.