SCOUT: Laura Lisowski
Where do you hail from?  Currently living in Berkeley, CA but working in the city (San Francisco)
Where are your go-to canoeing spots? The great thing about living in Northern California is the beauty of Oregon is driveable if you are committed.  We absolutely love taking canoes out on all of the lakes up in Bend Oregon, and taking in the beauty of Mt Hood. You can't beat a nice day with the mountains reflecting in the water.  Also, Jackson Hole.
Solo or Tandem?  Tandem, because "happiness is only real when shared"
Why Canoeing? Canoeing represents simplicity for us. In a world that has at times become overly complicated, canoeing offers you the experience of being out on the water, away from all distractions, and able to move at your own pace. There is something so beautiful about the solitude felt out on the water. It's a form of inner peace.
What's the one thing you can't leave at home when heading out on a trip? Never go anywhere without your fishing rod and flies; you never know when a fishing opportunity might pop up. And never forget the fun blanket.
What goes in your coffee? Almond milk and a little sugar or honey.
"A River Runs Through It" - Movie or Book? Which is better? This question is painful to answer because the book is clearly significantly better!  Sometimes less is more.  Imagination can take you to beautiful places, movie visuals are limiting.
If you chase fish, which ones? We chase whatever fish come our way – isn't that the beauty of it?
Favorite McManus story? "The Bear in the Attic", favorite quote: "It's been a long, hard day, and bit by bit you have been transformed into a single, vertical, barely ambulatory ache. All that awaits you now is another long, lonely night on the hard, cold ground. "What am I doing out here?" you ask yourself. "I must be mad!" Indeed, you are mad. Otherwise right now you could be warm and cozy and stretched out in front of your beloved TV, munching popcorn and swigging down ice-cold brew, just like a civilized person. "Oh well," you sigh to yourself. "I'd better stop and get a fire going." 
IPA or Stout? Stout.
Wood, plastic, Kevlar or Aluminum? Wood. We love everything classic.
Favorite quote about canoeing?The canoe carried aboriginal people for thousands of years, followed then by the explorers and the missionaries and the engineers and the surveyors....until in modern times it gives us the gift of freedom. The canoe is a vehicle that carries you into pretty exciting places, not only into whitewater but into the byways and off-beaten places....You are removed entirely from the mundane aspects of ordinary life. You're witnessing first hand beauty and peace and freedom – especially freedom....Flirtation with the wilderness is contact with truth, because the truth is in nature....I like to identify myself with something that is stable and enduring. Although [nature] is in a state of flux, it is enduring. It is where reality is. I appreciate the canoe for its gifts in that direction. – Kirk Wipper, from CBC Radio's Ideas program The Perfect Machine: The Canoe.