By: Brittany Watty •

Lake Louise is the jewel of the Canadian Rockies with millions of visitors flocking every year to catch a glimpse of it's turquoise glacier fed waters while breathing in fresh mountain air. I'm one of those visitors, with the special privilege of living only a few hours away, and make a point to pack up my car with Lake Louise as my primary destination several times a year. Every trip offers new opportunities and places to explore, and despite my frequent visits, this place and it's abundant beauty never ceases to amaze me. Walking up to the lakes edge to take in the view or venture out for a classic canoe ride are adventures all on their own, but the real magic of Lake Louise is the surrounding area and it's view from above. There are quite a few hikes directly surrounding the lake that I am slowly checking off as I go; on this particular trip my boyfriend Bryson and I hiked up to Lake Agnes and continued on to the Little Beehive, the location of a former lookout tower offering unobstructed views of Lake Louise and the valley below. Like I said, the views are better from above.