By: Tim Hollenback • @ktspics

As a boy I always enjoyed fishing trips with my father. Waking up early seemed easy when it was for a fishing trip. Having served in the U.S. Coast Guard, I got to fish in some cool places for some unique types of fish.  I never forgot the trips to the lake with my dad early in the morning before the sun came up. Today I get to make those same memories with my wife and three sons. We all enjoy going up to the Poconos in Pennsylvania to my dad's lake house. Our three boys love going up there and getting out on the water or on the dock; they just love being around water. My hope for this field log is to inspire families to get outside and enjoy the outdoors together. It is also fun when there are sparklers involved (used responsibly of course).

I was inspired to get outside more with my family by an article in the August 2015 issue of Field and Stream magazine where Eric Woodman said: "I spend almost all my time hunting, fishing, or reading about the outdoors. Most of the time, I have at least one kid, but sometimes five or so, with me. Honestly, most of the time they just throw rocks, catch crawdads, or build forts. That's not just O.K.-that's great. That is how they become skilled outdoorsman and outdoorswomen of the future."

I hope that our boys will enjoy the outdoors as they grow because of the adventures we have shared as a family.