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Order Status and Return/Cancellation/Exchange Info

ddm-png-micro.png  What does "Awaiting Fulfillment" mean?

Your order has been received. In-stock items are typically packaged and shipped within 2 days of order. If the order combines both in-stock and made-to-order items then by default we will wait until the entire order is ready to ship before sending you your items. If you want an in-stock item sent right away, you can mention that in your order notes. Typically an additional charge will be necessary when splitting an order into multiple shipments. Made-to-order items should have the lead time listed both in the product description and in the Information tab on each product page. Note that the lead times are estimates, and the order can ship either sooner or later than expected. If you're curious about your order status please Contact Us


ddm-png-micro.png  How do I cancel an order?

Please Contact Us with your name and order number for cancellation. Customized items and canoe orders that have already been started may only be cancelled at our discretion, and if approved may be subject to a restocking fee. Refunds will typically be issued as soon as we have approved the cancellation or return but note that refunds may take several days to clear on your card or in your account, depending on bank and processing policies.


ddm-png-micro.png  How can I return or exchange my order?

We typically accept returns or exchanges on any unused item within 30 days of shipping. Custom items and factory seconds are not eligible for return or exchange. Do not ship any part of your order back without first contacting us. Once approved for return or exchange please include your name, order number, and reason for returning/exchanging inside the package. Names and notes on package exteriors are often damaged during delivery and made illegible. 


Shipping Questions

ddm-png-micro.png  How does canoe shipping work?

In our partnership with Merrimack Canoes, we organize canoe deliveries into groups of canoes headed to the same part of the country, and when ready we deliver them ourselves. While this doesn't have the immediacy of freight shipping the chance of damage is significantly lower, and the final cost is typically lower as well (since there's no need to have a custom crate built). For more information on shipping and pricing for delivery, click here.


ddm-png-micro.png  How are paddles and accessories shipped?

Both USPS and UPS Ground are available in the checkout. Typically for smaller items, like cribbage boards, USPS will be more cost-effective, and for larger items like paddles UPS will be the preferred choice. 


ddm-png-micro.png Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Check the shipping options in the cart to get an international shipping quote. International customers are responsible for all import and customs fees. We are not able to provide an estimate for import costs. 

We are not able to ship canoes internationally at this time. You are welcome to make your own arrangements with a logistics provider, but this must include collection from our shop. We will not ship canoes to 3rd party re-shippers. 


Canoe Questions (Coming Soon)

ddm-png-micro.png  Which canoe is right for me?

Click Here for more information on our canoe selections.





ddm-png-micro.png Canoe Care and Maintenance

If the exposed wood (gunwales, seats, yoke/thwart) feels rough or is especially dirty you should start off with some light sanding. Depending on severity you might start as low as 80 grit, but if it’s fairly smooth already start at 120 and work up to at least 220 grit sanding (higher is better but not necessary). Then apply as much oil as the woodwork will take. We use teak oil, but Danish or Linseed can work as well. Apply oil, let as much as possible soak in, and then within 10-15 minutes wipe up any excess on the surface. Apply more oil until the woodwork just isn't absorbing any more (for us that’s typically 4-5 coats right away on untreated woodwork, but local climate can make this higher or lower). Often it's good practice to, after apply multiple coats in this way, wait a few weeks to a month and then apply another coat of oil or two. That time allows deeper penetration of the oil, making a longer-lasting finish.

For the ribs inside the canoe, the resin finish should last for decades but if you’re seeing any area flaking or thin you’ll want to touch that up as well. If it’s flaking or chipping you’ll want to give it some sanding (usually 80 grit for that, and always wear a respirator mask when sanding resin/fiberglass). Then apply a marine epoxy to the areas that need it.


Paddle Questions

ddm-png-micro.png  Which paddle is right for me?

Click Here to read more about paddle selection.


ddm-png-micro.png  How do I choose a paddle size? 

  One of the most important details in choosing a paddle, its size must be right to ensure comfortable use, especially during longer days on the water. To size yourself for a paddle, first sit up straight on a flat chair and measure the distance from the seat between your legs to your eyes. Here bent shaft and straight shaft paddles diverge. For the bent shaft paddle, simply add the blade length to this measurement (you can find the blade length on each paddle's product page). For straight shaft paddles, you'll want to add the blade length and an additional 2-4 inches to get the final paddle size. Keep in mind that this process is always a bit subjective. If your canoe sits a bit higher or lower in the water, or if your canoe is very wide or very narrow, it can change the length of paddle that feels correct. Ultimately, the paddle you can use comfortably for longest is going to be the best fit for you. 


Dealer Information

ddm-png-micro.png  Do you sell wholesale to new dealers? 

Yes we do! Please Contact Us with dealer inquiries. 


Rental Questions

 ddm-png-micro.png  Do you offer canoe or paddle rentals? 

Coming Soon!


 General Information (Coming Soon)