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Vision 140

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The Vision 140 offers a marked upgrade from plastic recreational kayaks, offering better performance, value, and comfort. It has enough speed for coastal adventures, enough storage capacity for overnights and weekend trips, and loads of stability. Visions have a generously sized keyhole cockpit that allows for easy entry and exit, plenty of footroom for larger paddlers and a faceted deck design that makes it easy to reach the water with your paddle. A retractable skeg allows you to tune the performance of the Vision 140 giving you the option to choose more maneuverability or better tracking depending on conditions. Lightweight and easy to cartop, the Vision 140 is the perfect choice for touring paddlers looking to downsize from a heavier kayak or upgrade from a recreational design. The Vision 140 is constructed from a vacuum bagged composite hybrid material, which allows for an unsurpassed combination of light weight, stiffness, toughness and value. Smaller paddlers (or those needing less room for added gear) will appreciate the shorter Vision 130

Recommended for paddlers from 125-210 pounds.

Maximum Load: 350 lbs.
Composite Hybrid - 46 lbs.

Category: Transitional Kayaks
  • Calm/Intermediate Water
  • Medium Size-Easy Handling
  • Encourage Skill Development

General Information:
Swede Form: Widest behind the cockpit, Swede form has a cleaner, longer, and more slender entry, giving efficient touring speeds and maneuverability. In shorter lengths these kayaks are very responsive. Longer kayaks with this feature have amazing acceleration and track well. Because of the narrow bow they may punch through a steep wave, rather than ride over it.
Hull Form
Soft Chine: A smooth transition from the bottom of the hull to the sides. Soft chines give smooth edging at unlimited angles. The majority of kayaks that we build have a soft chine.

Shallow V: The “V” shape improves tracking, has a lively feel and delivers very comfortable stability.

Hull Shape
Keyhole Cockpit: A keyhole cockpit blends the openness of a recreational cockpit and the integrated thigh braces of a touring cockpit. The result is an easy to enter and exit cockpit that offers performance, fit, and solid connectivity to the kayak.

Paddler Size: S-L
Paddler Size
Length Overall:
14' 0" (426.72cm)
24.00" (60.96cm)
12.00" (30.48cm)
Cockpit Length:
35.20" (89.408cm)
Cockpit Width:
17.20" (43.688cm)
Bow Hatch:
10" x 10" (25.4cm2)
Bow Hatch Volume:
13.50Gal. (51.03L)
Stern Hatch Size:
16.5" x 11" (41.91cm x 27.94cm)
Stern Hatch Volume:
24.00Gal. (90.72L)
Total Hatch Volume:
37.5 Gal. / 141.75L

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