Put Your Name On It

by Peter

Since Sanborn Canoe's beginning a decade ago, there's a small detail included on each paddle that is easy to miss, but has great significance. Immediately below each grip is a small, branded initial. That initial indicates the name of the person who built your paddle- Zak, Todd, Mark, Chris and more, builders past and present... that is the person who put his time and energy into creating the paddle you hold. Their craftsmanship, their efforts, propel you across the water on a clear, calm pond, or muscle you across the waves in the relentless wind of a grand lake. It is their workmanship that inspires you and reminds you of the outdoors whether it is hanging on your wall in a place of pride, or leaned up in a corner of your garage, eagerly awaiting its next outing.

This ethic extends to everything we do at Sanborn Canoe. We are striving for each moment, each effort, each interaction to be something we can be proud to put our name on. When you see Sanborn Canoe Co. we want you to see not some faceless corporate blob, but to see Jarred helping you get the information and education you need to trust who we are and what we do. We want you to see Ron, stringing up each individual canoe seat, or Bree, spraying away in the paint booth to add that splash of color to your paddle, each making sure that the final product is exactly as it should be. We want you to see a crew of folks sitting around a lunch table, dreaming up a crazy canoe, just because we can. 

All these little details add up to Sanborn Canoe- something we can be proud to put our names on.