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Solitaire - 11'9" Solo Canoe

Merrimack Canoe Co

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At A Glance:
Fiberglass  or  Kevlar/Carbon-fiber with wood ribs and trim.
Beam 27.5"  -  Depth 10.5"  -  Rocker: ~  1"  
Length  11'9"  -  Approx. weight 28.5 lbs (Kevlar/Carbon) 31.5lbs (Fiberglass)
Capacity: ~ 325 lbs

The Solitaire is a canoe built for those looking for peace and quiet in the outdoors. Silently cutting through the water on a foggy morning, no other sounds but the birds and breeze. The perfect companion for the paddler seeking solitude.

At 11'9" in length and only 28.5lbs (in the Kevlar/Carbon layup), the Solitaire brings the complete Merrimack experience - beautiful handcrafted woodwork complemented by ultra-lightweight composites - to the Adirondack-style canoe paddler. Sitting on the floor near the center of the canoe provides excellent stability even for those new to canoeing, and keeps a level trim for superior tracking and speed. Ultralight packers will find this the perfect companion for a weekend wilderness trip. More casual paddlers will love the solitude of an earily morning outing on the lake. All will enjoy being able to easily carry, load, and set off in the canoe without any assistance. 

The Solitaire offers hybrid wood-and-composite construction, offering a blend of beautiful hardwoods with either Fiberglass, or both Kevlar and Carbon Fiber to save weight and increase strength and rigidity. 

The best canoe you can own is one that's made exactly to your tastes. Numerous upgrades are available to tailor your canoe to your personal preferences, from customizable colors, trim options, floor prints, and even laser-engraved deck plates. A Merrimack canoe is more than just a tool to spend time on the water; it's a handcrafted work of art, tailor-made to the individual holding the paddle. 


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  • 5

    Posted by Christopher Passante on Oct 25th 2023

    These are amazing boats that are light (28 lbs-Kevlar/carbon), nimble, and absolutely gorgeous. They track very well and are very stable. The cane seat is lower than a typical canoe, and it feels something between a canoe and a kayak. Sitting cross-legged or with legs straight out is very comfortable and the lower center of gravity makes the boat turn on a dime and stable. The craftsmanship is remarkable and in both firm and function. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Solitaire Canoe

    Posted by Jon Urness on Apr 9th 2023

    I believe I own the first or close to the first Solitaire that was sold out of Winona, having picked it up in January 2023. Winter hung on like a leech here in southern Wisconsin so didn’t get on the water until the day before Easter when I found a backwater slough on the Wisconsin River for the maiden paddle. If I were limited to just one word I would say, “Responsive.” With two words I would say, “Effortlessly responsive.” After slipping away from the landing I headed into about a 10mph headwind with a single bladed paddle, and was quite surprised how quickly the river bank passed by. On this first outing I also wanted to try a double bladed kayak paddle so had one along to give it a try. That’s when the word “effortless” came to mind. Each stroke quickly propelled me at a higher speed or new direction with ease. I would suggest that a Solitaire should come with a double bladed paddle like the new Wayfarer as standard equipment. (I might buy a Wayfarer but I’m not sure I want to tote around an 8’ one-piece paddle).The wind seemed to have little affect as long as I stayed under power. Most of my canoe time in the last year has been solo in a beautiful boundary blue Tennessean with teal chevrons, so that’s my best source of comparison. My best estimate of speed with the new Solitaire, and of course no radar guns here, but if I solo the Tennessean at 3mph I would conservatively say I can do 4mph in the Solitaire. Once again considering the word responsive, initial stability is slightly less with the Solitaire but once under way, not an issue as you sit very low. But the canoe is responsive to movement in the boat. The low seating position did concern me a little as I ordered the Solitaire but is simply a matter of adjustment of my 70-year old knees. I put my feet out toward the bow and rest the outside of my knees against the gunwales. This gives me good control and no pretzel legs. I like the position of the rear thwart at the back of the seat but will likely figure out some way to pad it or re-shape it to better use as a brace for my lower back. Finally, I would not own a Solitaire if I hadn’t already experienced the build quality and beauty of my Tennessean. Merrimack just seems to get it right.

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