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Custom Canoes

 Merrimack Canoe Company began in the 1950's with the goal of combining modern materials with traditional aesthetics and craftsmanship, an ethos they carry even today. Strong, lightweight composites are paired with gorgeous-yet-functional wooden ribs to create a canoe that is immediately inspiring, making you want to spend even more time on the water. More than that, a Merrimack Canoe is as unique as its paddler. Each model offers hundreds of color combinations with premium wood choices, artwork, and more to create a canoe just for you. Click on any standard Merrimack model below to give it a try!


Sanborn Canoe Co is proud to offer seven Merrimack Canoe models to provide you with the options you need for the best possible experience on the water, whether you're looking to go canoeing with your kids, looking for the perfect canoe for fishing out of, or doing canoe camping trips.