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The Moon We Know Pocket Cribbage

Sanborn Canoe Company

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Ready for a game anywhere, any time- this cribbage board fits easily in your pocket, purse, or pack. With a pocket-sized board you keep track of scoring with one player on either side of the board. Move up the board on the outside, and move back down on the inside. Use the three starting holes to keep track of your laps. Move up and back 3 times in total to win the game. Conveniently corked hole stores the included metal pegs when not in use.

Measures 6" x 2.5" x .75" 

Featuring The Moon We Know, created by Minnesota artist Nick Wroblewski. Nick Wroblewski is a Midwest based printmaker of hand cut woodblocks. His interest in art was cultivated young by a strong community of artists in Minneapolis, MN, where he grew up. Early experiences in puppetry, painting, and sculpture led to his work as a printmaker. Nick focuses on large multicolor woodcuts and has developed a distinct aesthetic reminiscent of stylized Japanese masters, yet uniquely his own. His work depicts the reverence he has for conversations of the wild and loyalty to the honesty of handcrafted arts. Nick's work can be seen in private collections and galleries throughout the country, as well as commercial design and illustrations. He lives in Duluth, Minnesota and prints from his studio near Lake Superior.